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This is my observation guide showing my interests in double stars, carbon stars, bright deep-sky objects and some variable stars for each constellation seen from my latitude on the northern hemisphere. It is optimized for Meade LX200 owners, so that for each object there is a means of calling up the object in the handset using star numbers, names, SAO number etc.

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The guide is, by no means, complete. It doesn't contain all prominent stars in a constellation for instance, only those of interest such as multiple stars. There are no coordinates for each object either - not necessary when the object can be entered into the LX200 handset by an object number. This is a very personal guide not really designed for publication, not all of you will like the selection or my notation, but it may be a starting point for some of you.

All documents are formatted for A4 paper size except where noted.

Documents revised 22 09 2006. The constellation of Cepheus has been added. I had this in my original document but somehow it got misplaced when I converted it to MS Word. For 4 years nobody except John W. Johnson from Omaha noticed or if they did, never told me! Many thanks John.

There are several sources on the web for this data but what makes my version interesting is that I have expanded all of Dreyer's cryptic description into English we can all understand! So now instead of "vF, vS, R, vgpsmbM, 2 st 9 sf; = IC 5386" for NGC 7832 I have "very faint, very small, round, very gradually then, pretty suddenly much brighter towards middle, 2 stars mag 9 southeast, = IC 5386". Now it makes sense!

Here are some Marillion ringtones and a Dave Brubeck one I made for my phone. Enjoy.

In my Atari ST days I wrote and published a book "The Atari A to Z" which was an encyclopaedia of all that is Atari and which is now out of print but I have released the ASCII files.


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