LX200 Handset

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Last Updated: 04 03 2010

Finding the right buttons to press in the dark, especially when preoccupied with looking through the eyepiece can be difficult with the LX200 handset. The flat buttons are impossible to detect with gloves one and I don't suppose I'm the only one to have moved an object right out of the field of view having pressed the wrong slew button.

The answer is simple - transparent plastic furniture protectors. These are meant to go under object d'art such as vases or other ceramics preventing their rough bottoms from scratching the furniture on which they sit.

I found two types, the usual dome-shaped ones and crater-shaped ones.

Furniture protectors image
Furniture protectors

I fitted the latter to the N, S, W, and E buttons so that I could distinguish those from the others and in so doing know where the Mode button is. They are also just the right size to cover each numeral or letter on the keys.

LX200 handset with protectors fitted image
LX200 handset with protectors fitted

Easy to do and makes a big difference. I hardly ever have to move away from the eyepiece now when using the handset.


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